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The law firm of Moulton & Long PLLC., provides quality and

cost-effective legal representation of individuals and

companies in litigation and pre-litigation negotiation.  We

handle cases in all Kentucky and Federal courts and have

practice various cases in other jurisdiction.   Areas of law we

routinely handle include: 

Commercial Litigation / Business Litigation

Contractual, partnership and stock-holder disputes, fraud,

business torts, injunction relief, property damage, judgment

enforcement, insurance coverage, and employment matters.

Personal Injury

Representing individuals injured in accidents including, car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, construction accidents, assault and battery, false arrest/false imprisonment and civil rights.   

Civil Rights/Discrimination

Representing clients in all manner of Civil Rights violation claims including §1983 civil rights violation actions and all forms of employment and other discrimination cases involving race, gender, sex, age, national origin and ADA (disability) in Federal and State courts

Insurance Coverage Law / Property Damage Litigation

Representing insurance policyholders whose claims are wrongfully denied insurance companies, and suits against third-parties and their insurance companies for property damage, business interruption, and other claims.

Collections Litigation / Judgment Enforcement

Enforcement of judgments and collections for individuals, companies.

Appellate Litigation

Briefing and orally arguing appeals in state and federal appellate courts.